Monday, May 16, 2005

The future of courtship

The chicken and egg situation gets worse. I am surrounded by adverts of prettygirls in magazines and surrounded by adverts for viagra in emails. The future of mankind is at risk, I think we are producing a race of men who can only aroused by a steady cocktail of drugs and women who have been airbrushed. I predict in 2010 the sex industry will be run by dutch chemists and computer artists publicised by millions of spam emails.

it must come as a shock to all the FHM magazine readers when they get a nice young lady back to their house after a romantic evening and find that the girls have bags under their eyes, their arse isnt a size 2 and their tits are heading south for the winter. Bring back the ordinary girls, thats what i say. i'd be happy with a girl as long as she is nice to talk to, i'm not bothered about all this hosery business. if a computer virus hit copies of photoshop worldwide it might do us all a favour and present people for who they really are. if people spent as much time on their personalities as they do on their hairsytles then i think i wouldnt have had that run in with that lass on saturday night who has left me emotionally bemused.

Ben Afflick - he doesnt care about how scraggy his women are


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