Friday, May 27, 2005

Big Brother and reality

big brother starts on tv tonight. the other series i have always been an addict, its so good to get to watch people that are better than you live their lives, watch them argue and see their boobies. i find it facinating. if i could find someone to look after mum i would love to go into the big brother house myself as you get free food and 12 people that are forced to talk to you for a few weeks. it might be a good way to find some true friends because you all have something in common.


since podcasting came along it has meant that the nature of 'reality' in the media is very different. what was once reality for big brother has now lost its edge and isnt real enough. podcasting is very real and has people from all over the world living their lives and recording themselves. how can you tell it is real? becuase some of it is boring, mundane and their lives have hurdles. but life is like that anyway. for example i wouldnt get voted out of my house, which is unreal. i might get evicted for not paying my rent and banging the walls, but not through a telephone vote. much as i'd love my house to have a hot tub installed and be full of 12 trendy people who get drunk and strip naked, sadly that wont happen.

3 months of her - wow!

so if big brother is any good this year and they have a good selection of eye candy and not too many nasty poeple then unfortunatlly this blog and podcast wont be updated for the next 3 months because i'll be glued to E4 for 24 hours a day. seriously.

1 1/2 hours left and thats it, my addiction has started. its also the last night with the dutchess tonight.


At 5:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fucking hell you lead a full life


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