Thursday, May 19, 2005

corrupt cop let off driving at 160mph

BBC news story about a smug corrupt police officer

If you are "familiarising" yourself with a new car and have had extra driving lessons then its ok to travel at over twice the speed limit and potentially kill people - according to the courts. They let him off because hes a police officer trained to drive at those speeds. hes also trained to fire guns, i presume that means hes ok to go around shooting people in his spare time because he has a certificate. well the british legal system let him off. the same legal system that doesnt know the difference between paying a co-worker a complement and sexual harressment, charges I'd like to add that were dropped 3 days later. i'm not proud to be british with policemen like this. when is it nessessary for policemen to practice chasing people at this speed? i've never heard of joyriders nicking Thrust 2 or bank robbers flying away in a mig jet. the funny thing is they'll still arrest you for going 32mph in a 30mph zone in this country.

The face of corruption


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