Sunday, May 22, 2005


my computer is on its last legs, i'm getting a little fed up with it crashing all the time. i think the internet is only designed to work with modern day computers and not mine. wish i had a new one, think i'll just have to delete everything off it and put windows back on it again. its a shame they dont sell the computers that you always see in all the movies, the ones that do everything in 3D and beep everytime it writes a charector to the screen. mind you that would really get on your nerves if you had to work with them all day with all the beeping and it would make you feel sick having everything spinning round in 3D all the time. they just look so cool, like the ones in CSI, Enemy of the State and James Bond that just do stuff really clever without you even needing to wait 20 minutes for something to happen. you rarely see windows or apple computers on films, its always this operating system i've never heard of that seems to look flash - perhaps its called Movie OS? where can i buy one?

My Computer


At 5:37 am, Anonymous PodcastMark said...

I know what you mean. I don't know how many times I have thought that too.

I like it when they sound like they're typing something in and the answer to their query comes before they've finished typing.


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