Tuesday, June 07, 2005


If you only listen to one podcast today, make sure it is this one:


Its Madge discussing a nasty incident involving some intolorant police officers bullying a lady with 50,000 volts. If you are not a Madge fan then skip about 10-20 minutes because i think she has technical problems at the beginning, but you must listen to the rest of the show as it is very important. I didnt know this kind of thing does on, but it does in america. I'm still cant believe what i heard and don't know how to react to this, other than sheer horror. What can i do to stop this happening? its not even in my country. There is a video here, i felt really upset watching it:

http://www.palmbeachpost.com - taser video

my therapist asked me tonight if i could play God for the day what i would do. i didnt need to think about this, i would remove cruelty from everyones heads forever, i cant bare to see anyone or anything suffering.

tell EVERYONE about this podcast and pass on the link to the video.


At 3:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

serves her right - she should have got out the car when he said - and put her phone down. Hopefully she's learned a lesson from this

At 7:05 pm, Anonymous Timroth said...

That video was scary!
I don't think being on her mobile phone is threatening towards the Police.
She was given an electric shock of 50,000 volts. That is NUTS!

At 8:46 pm, Blogger John said...

Hi Roger, well, I'm not going to listen to Madge. I'm happier not doing so. She's paid to podcast now, and I don't need my emotions manipulated by her ranting. I'd be grateful if you, Roger, could summarise any of the useful conclusions she came up with, anything helpful. I don't want to go to an analyst aswell, I'm feeling too fragile at the moment.....

At 9:04 pm, Anonymous annoyed piglet said...

dont u ever dare to polute my ears with madge sh*te again.

At 10:32 pm, Blogger John said...

Hi Roger, have you seen who Richard Bluestein works for

he's the business guy in partnership with Adam Curry. Just keep this in mind when you are emotionally affected by something produced by Madge. She's in it to make money ASWELL as any other reason she may have.

At 12:26 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

Just wanted people to hear the clip really and listen to one persons point of view. I would very much like to hear another persons point of view on a podcast too from someone who thought the police where right to do what they did.

I know they are only doing their job. in england most police in that situation would let the women do what she liked and let the penalties mount up so they get more wages at the end of it.

most police in england are armed with a trunction and that is it, i dont think that she posted a major threat looking at the size of her and 2 fully grown men should have been able to drag her out no problems.

i have never pesonally been near anyone carrying a gun or a taser in my life and i would be scared. as this is more normal in america maybe the women thought that the policeman wasnt being serious about the electric shock. no harm done at the end other the a bleeding arm for not doing what she was told.

it seems like a lot of people are split on this, i for one would like to hear more peoples reasons as to what had happened and if it was justified - any podcast mp3 links?

i'm not forcing anyone to listen to madge, thats the good thing about podcasting is that you dont have to listen. madge does try to emphase to people to think for themselves and not take her opinions as gospal. i dont agree on some things that she talks about and will tell her so.

i know that she says a lot of naughty rude words, i find it quite funny becuase in england you are not allowed to swear on the radio.

i'm really happy that she has a job podcasting and doing what she enjoys doing - if working for Ron Bloom and Adam means that she can devote all her time to her interests then i think that is ok.

anyway, that is my opinion. in summary:

1-I was very disturbed about the different methods of policing in america compared to britain. obviously a lot more abuse goes on towards police that i dont know about. in my shock of hearing the audio clip i posted this in haste and didnt make myself clear as to what i thought of it.

2-Not everyone likes madge. Me? I do and have drawn pictures of her. the reason i suggested listing to madges show with the clip on was becuase i couldnt find the original audio clip on the web and found madges interpetation interesting. i didnt put the mp3 as a podcast link to force people to download it automatically. i'll leave that for you to deside by clicking the link in my post.

3-everyone needs to earn a living. madge will hopefully be comfortable working for ron blooms company and has taken a brave step leaving a steady job for an unknown career path. i am very synical about money and things, i wasnt happy about paris hilton but its over and done with.

hope i havent offended anyone.

At 11:38 am, Anonymous Simon said...

Roger, thanks for posting this link.
I think it was absolutely indefensible for the policeman to electrocute this woman, as she really posed no threat. She was a bit stupid not to get out of the car immediately with trigger-happy policemen like that out on the streets.
If people are too closed-minded to listen to Madge because of her language or her employment arrangements, then they are missing out on her truly insightful opinions.

At 6:13 pm, Anonymous real johnny said...

"john" is a douchebag. So what if madge makes some scratch doing her thing. She's more sincere than half the podcasters out there. Get over your silly pseudo-communist, coffee-shoppe critique, beeeyootch!

At 4:34 pm, Blogger Fin said...

That's scary, scary, scary.


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