Sunday, June 05, 2005

Doctor Who

i've been really enjoying watcing Doctor Who recently but am upset that the actor who played him is quitting after one series because he doesn;t want to be typecast as Doctor Who in his career. i hate it when actors do that as it ruins the continuety of things and makes my mind tired trying to understand what is going on learning new faces. thats why i've given up watching batman because they;ve never had the same actor in every film, ihear they are even using some unknown actor in next years release of Superman. Christopher Eccleston never quit half way through filming Shallow Grave because he was worried he might only roles as a journalist in the future, or quit 28 Days Later because people kept calling him Major.

So why is he quitting the best job in his career? he's suddendly become Billy Big Potatoes, better than everyone else. if i had the privailage of being the Doctor Who actor then i'd keep the job for as long as I could until i got booted out of the bbc for snorting drugs off a prostitutes face whilst showering in pound coins drinking the finest quality champane and listening to rap music like all the other shamed ex-BBC presenters do before they got caught. Will the next Doctor Who actor last the series before he gets career jitters? Can;t he wear an Eccleston mask so he looks like the other lanky scottish idiot?


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