Friday, June 10, 2005

Come on people

What is wrong with the world? I have just been given a most tremendous shock. I do not understand how voting works and the way peoples minds works. In a democratic country where people have faught wars to be allowed to have free speech and be given the right to vote we end up in such a mess. why are people so apathetic? what kind of a world do we live in where poeople are given the right to vote, yet stay sat on the sofa on their fat behinds glued to the tv. they cant be bothered to get up and let their opionions be known to the powers that be. no. the uk people have to stay seated. then complain when changes occur. now we all must suffer. how could you public? how dare you? i now have to suffer the remaining term with these people swanning around like they own the place. it was in the hands of the british voters. you made your bed, now you must lie in it. Lesley has been voted out of the Big Brother house. The one girl who kept me awake until 4am this morning watching e4 whilst I saw her sleep and gently stroke the screen, now is no more. Goodbye my sleeping angle.

Where should I poke the finger of blame?
The blame lies solely with Vanessa. simple as that. she should never have said those nasty things and put lesley in jepardy. now it is too late and i am angry. but i did what madge weinstein said in a recent show, and that was phone up someone in power and complain. madge said that the only way to get your voice heard is to actually get up and speak up, so i phoned up channel 4 to complain and my friend copied the show onto a computer video file for me - . well done to madge for that idea, its good to know that if you feel passionate about a subject that there are people out there who will listen and take note of your issues, big or small. rule breakers like Vanessa should be severely punished, yet Lesley was voted out.


At 11:08 pm, Anonymous tractorgirl said...

thanks god she's out - what an old northern chav trollop. Rubber outfit and hooped ear-rings. No doubt she was taken to her hotel in an Vauxhall Nova!

At 11:25 pm, Blogger Fin said...


She represented the REAL people.

At 11:27 pm, Blogger Fin said...

WHOO! That was good! Why did he pick the fat lady of colour to wave his white poker at?

At 5:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

roger, you know me and all i can say on the matter is you're a fucking cunt smalls, a fucking cunt. lesley was a first class pig - i guess that's why you liked her. We all know that you like to fiddle with pigs you disgustung little cunt.

At 5:48 pm, Blogger Fin said...

You're the cunt.

At 6:45 pm, Blogger Rachael said...

That was fantastic! Give me a minute to regain my composure....

Sincerest regards,

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At 10:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you Roger! It's good to stand up for what you believe in.
Looking forward to your next podcast...

At 10:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr.Anonymous, I have been highly amused by your comments throughout this website. Clear, concise, and more importantly, to the point. Your far more funny than Rodger...the complete cunt.

Anyway I hope you have a podcast of your own one day.

Lots of love Dave.


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