Monday, June 13, 2005

Pepper in Bush

Loving You
I look in your direction and you look in mine,your eyes glow with a soulful touch,and I cast my eyes downward so you can't see into my heart, for fear of you stealing it,and never giving it backbut deep inside I want to share the way I feel with you and pray you'll love me too.

Lindsier Stolz - Poet, Artist and fellow Barry Pepper Fan at the Barry Pepper Unofficial Site

I thought I would share that with you as it is so good to see other fan artwork from other members of the fanbase community. Sorry for not updating my blog, I've been very busy over the weekend. Went to see the Dutchess at the weekend in her new home, she's very happy. Please no more nasty comments on my blog as it hurts me so much. I would also like to add that I would prefer no nasty comments about the lovely Lesley Sanderson, remember she is built for comfort and not for speed. Shes a wonderful girl and I was sad to see her go, I sense that Channel 4 will be begging to lug those back into the Big Brother house very soon.

Wow! I've been chosen to be in the Slam Idol poetry competition by Simon, who is nice and speaks very well. If you subscribe to the Slamidol Podcast I am contestant number 4. I think contestant number 1 called "The Spoken Word" is nice. I wish i could write poems properly, most poems are about love and urban decay, 2 things that I know nothing about. to be in love. for all the married people i must say you don't know how lucky you all are. i wish i had someone to talk at me every day and to have sex at every week. it upsets me to see couples relationships progress quickly on tv and know that i'll never be one of those people. god i miss lesley so much tonight.


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