Sunday, June 26, 2005

Church bbq

Forgot to mention i went to a church BBQ at the weekend. i was invited by a pair of nice girls who were knocking on everyones doors handing out bible leaflets and asking if i would like to go to church. they also asked me if i would like to come over to a bbq which was like answer for help as i have been feeling so lonely recently. they said there would be sausages, burgers and salads, they even said jesus would be there.

in between the rain showers it was very nice and i got talking to a few poeple there. it was held by a nice man called todd who has a nice familiy and house. there were lots of children running around making noise and handling food then putting it back which upset me. i never met jesus though, although there were a few men with sandels and long hair. i think some of the sausages were off because i got very bad tummy ache. i felt quite embarressed because i left a massive floater in their downstairs toilet that wouldnt go down no matter how hard i pushed. i hate it when that happens, and i left the towel in their very dirty. after that i made my excuses and left because i didnt want people thinking it was me that cuased the flood.

they have invited me to more events. a man there called paul was interested in my blogging, but said that the church isnt keen on people who use the internet. it would be nice to go there (although the 2 girls who came to my door didnt go to the bbq) as everyone there was really genuinely nice, but would i have to give up using my computer? i'd be really really upset if i did because i'd miss all the prettygirls and would have to go back to doing things manually.

i'm going to bed soon although there is a nice film about mutilation on that i might record and watch tommorow.


At 11:42 pm, Blogger Fin said...

I think you did the right thing with the floater, Rog.

At 1:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

only cunts leave floaters, you cunt.

At 5:26 pm, Blogger Colin Newbury said...

If they'd promised that Jesus was going to be there and he wasn't, then I reckon that you're more than justified to leave a huge log in their chod bin. You should have gone one step further though; picked it out and lobbed it behind a radiator.

Also, be wary of these church types; they'll lure you in being all smily and singy but before you know what's going on, a 46 year old man with a beard, a cardigan and systitis will be trying to touch your tummy sausage.


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