Monday, July 11, 2005

what is todds problem?

i am very confused today. i listen to todd the geek on geek news central. he talks about computers, a lot of it i dont understand. but he doesnt swear which is nice. but he did say today that microsoft are buying a company called gator. now todd the geek got very upset at this news because gator make that spywear which is special software that pops up porn for you automatically in windows without you needing to do look it up or take off your trousers. what i cant understand is why todd would be upset. if microsoft spend loads of money trying to remove spywear it would be a better just to pay the people who make spywear and sack them all?

so many questions in my head. i'd also like to ask todd the geek why my subscribers have gone in half as he knows about podcasting and has written books about it. is it because itunes doenst work with feed burner? i dont get it.

Todd the geek from geek news central


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