Monday, July 04, 2005

castblaster, radio clash, shattered hopes and mariah

Wow, downloaded castblaster earlier on and am playing around with it - i might have to seriously think about getting a microphone so i can talk. i can plug in my headphones into the microphone socket round the back of my computer and talk through that, it comes out a bit muffelled though. but everyone who i have skyped so far doesnt mind. it seems like some very clever software, hardly any need for me to speak with all those sound effects and music. its good that there is a limit of ten minutes because it encourages people to keep their shows short. thats good because i prefer lots of little shows frequently, rather than some long ones that i cant download becuase of my modem.

Mic required

why cant i get round to podcasting? i feel so dwarfed by all the big guns now on the itunes, why would people want to download personal blogs like mine when they can get all the proper news organisations and radio shows. mind you the radio station discjockies have to play music that they are told to, rather than things they like. i am not sure that they are being true to themselves. that is why i like some of the music podcasts. i got a special email today from Tim from Radio Clash ( - excelant show!!!) which he helped me out finding a tune I was after - i feel honored . I've emailed people at BBC Radio One before but they have never replyed or just fobbed my off. They still insist on using Real Player which keeps crashing my computer at home and keeps saying 'buffering'. thats why i like podcasts, because they dont say 'buffering' and stutter. whenever i listen to music on real player it sounds like a fatboy slim record, but podcasts just come out nice.

Tim from Radio Clash - The savior of music podcasts

i must podcast more. i must podcast more. i must pocast more. this is annoying. why cant i feel motivated to podcast? what motivates other podcasters? i was under the impression the sound of my voice would get some prettygirls creaming in their silks and want to meet up and be my girlfriend. not so much as a wiff of jack & danny. but i dont think i will ever find someone who loves me for being me. i was seriously given the brush off today by a nice girl i liked who has been leading me on for a week now. i just feel numb. how can i podcast when i feel so depressed?

Wow. just found my guest channel for this month is FHM. 'Bas Ass Late List' seems to be an interesting show. music videos certainly seem to have changed since the last time i saw them. ppoppin by ladacris is a far cry from Bohemiam rapsady. i need to be more 'Laddish', those sort of guys always get the girls. Wow, now miriah cariah is on. She just seems to be squeeling at useual but she sure is my ideal women - she seems a little messed up and not quite with it. perfect. if she sqeeled a little higher i wouldnt be able to hear he at all, then she could just knock around the house in her bakini making me smile.

Marry me


At 10:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are wrong to think that people won't want your show.

I keep checking and checking because I can't wait for you to podcast again. Your style is unique and your unassuming humour delightful.

Keep doing it - and keep using your phone. It is really unusual and makes you different from everyone else out there.



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