Thursday, July 21, 2005

Podcast - Experiment

I tried an interesting experiement today going past a noisey pub in town. i thought i would find out if anyone would come and arrest me if i used copy-writed music in todays podcast or if it would be ok.

i think my audio quality is so bad that they probably wont bother, but if anyone with some proper microphones would like to try the same experiment and see if you would get into the same trouble that would be good. or not when you think about it.

i heard that the podcaster called is a lawyer. i wonder what he would make of all of these legal matters? i hope he's not a music layer. those people must be rolling in it. i dont know how music lawyers sleep at night. apart from on a mattress stuffed with innocent servillians money. laughing to themselves and twisting their mostashes in their sleep no doubt.


At 10:08 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

The NTL people deleted this file last night off the server!!! must be illegal then. i have reuploaded the file again and see if they censer me again.

At 6:19 pm, Blogger podcastpaul said...

mate - I promise you (a) I'm not a music lawyer and (b) not rolling in it!

I'm broke because I only represent the good guys...I'd much rather do that than act for the bad 'uns!

At 1:10 pm, Anonymous Adrian said...

Roger, if I was to go into a shop with a film crew and they were playing music, I would certainly have to clear the music (and pay the licence fee) before I put it on the telly. If I go into an art gallery and film a painting, there could well be a licence fee to pay to use it on TV. Even if I am filming in someone's home, and they are reading a magazine, I would have to get permission to use the magazine on the TV.

It's a minefield.

Just because the shop has paid the licence to play music to their customers, that does not mean that you are allowed to record it and use it somewhere else I'm afraid.

But to put all of this into context - I doubt whether someone will EVER come knocking at your door if you do.

There will be a talk on using music in podcasts at podcastcon this year.

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