Friday, September 02, 2005

iPod prediction

Apple started off by making the ipod that stores 15000 songs. then they make the ipod mini that can take 1000 songs, then the ipod shuffle that stores 240 sounds. according to the news storys apple are going to make an ipod phone that stores 100 songs. i have spotted a pattern and trend, and although i am no computer pundit or magnus magnuson i predict that in a couple of products time apple will announce another ipod capable of storing 12 songs that only play randomly.

which begs the quesiton of why would anyone get rid of their discman or a walkman to buy something for ten times the amount that stores the same number of songs and cant play an album from start to finish without shuffling everything around? miniturasation isnt the future apple. even i know that.

i still have to listen to mp3s on my computer or burn them onto a cd if i'm 'on the go' which is a bit inconvenient, especially when madge weinstein does a show longer than 80 minutes. but i dont really walk any further that 40 minutes away so it doesnt matter too much. what i'm doing now is probably pioneering how people listen to podcasts - low capicty is apples future.

even the humble and sexy inuit people have fallen for apples marketing compain


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