Saturday, December 16, 2006

christmas is coming

yipppee!!! 1 week to go!!!!!!!. I have booked the christmas peroid off work and have been granted time away due to my "stirling work in the depaertment" and "high level of complaints". mother and i will going via natiional express to brighton over christmas to stay with my uncle. i am looking forward to celebrating christmas with more peple as it can be depressing by myself or having to work. last year was terrible. i think it will be good for mum to visit some family members who she hasnt had sex with before and hope that the journey is not too much for her.i do not like coach travel but trains are so expesnive.we leave next weekend.

i still have not purchased christmas presents for anyone yet,but did fill in a lot of cardds yesterday for everyone at work who i talk to. i do not feel in the chrsitmas spirit much right now, in some ways listening to podcasts all the time means i do not hear all the same christmas songs that the radio stations would play.i hear carols and shaking stevens played in retail establishments. i do object to my local sex shop selling dvds called oh cum all ye faithful, dick the whores, big donkey, ding dong merrily on thighs and jingle bell-ends. these are distasteful to the memory of christmas and disturb my thoughts. i brought another botox babes video instead and sat watching that last night. i must go to work.

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At 12:32 am, Anonymous Hannah Graham said...

Roger I love you so much but I am available only on Tuesdays. Why is fate so cruel?

At 2:27 am, Blogger PH said...

Answer:Why Is Fate So Cruel?


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