Thursday, February 08, 2007

podcast - soundseeing tour of the curry cottege

had to work tonight but managed to pick up the curry cottege keys from skidwhiskers and recorded a quick sound seeing tour at adam currys old hose. its taken me ages to copy the file to my pc then upload the mp3 and i am really tired. time is running out for the tour so you must act fast. email me at with the number of people in your party and i will arrange your guided tour. it was very cold walking home from work and our heating does not work. i will sleep.

you may download it here......... DSC20070208_currycottegeSOUNDSEEING.mp3

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At 9:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you never on skype? As someone who vists Guilford at least once a year (walk the Downs of a morning and you may bump into Patrica) you are a lucky bugger to live where you do. I live near Manchester where we have to slum it with fantastic music, super casino's cheap housing, glass skyscrapers and more comedy than Roger Smalls can handle.

At 1:59 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...


At 3:52 pm, Anonymous Hannah Graham said...

After listening to the soundseeing tour, I just HAVE to drive down for the real thing.

I will assemble a party of five for sometime next week. Can you accomodate dwarves? If so, make it a party of six.


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