Friday, December 29, 2006

lovely christmas

i have just got back tonight from a great night out and thought to check my emails.i am enjoying my time off here and do not want to go back home much. we had a lovely christmas day and i got a set of hunting knives, a bottle of wine and some garments i do not care much for.i have been spending a lot of time out in brighton going to pubs and clubs with my cousen.i feel like i have made new freidns just by sitting down,talking to strangers and being myself.brighton also seems so much more lively and happy than guildford does,the poeple love living here,everyone smiles,the streets are clean,there are big signs everywhere about taking pride in the place and residents do geneunly tend to go along with that.the only downside is that my testicles have not defrosted since i got here,i have spent all my christmas money on presents and drinks and when i dont work i dont get paid.back to the grindstone this weekend. i am not looking forward to going home but need to pay the bills.


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'Nuff said.


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