Tuesday, July 17, 2007

blinder behind the eyes

it feels like the morning after the night before. but i feel cheated though as i didnt do anything last night. will these headaches never end?


At 5:39 pm, Anonymous Alex - Podcast Junky said...

Hi Roger and many thanks for your comment at my blog.

No problem at all; your podcasts have a unique humour and I think they work really well. I’ve just added your name to the list of “Well-Known Podcasters Who’ve Left A Comment” at my blog too.

Hope your headaches clear up - there's nothing like a headache to ruin a day.

Kind regards and thanks again.


At 11:11 pm, Anonymous Portia Smyth said...

dear mister smalls,

we hope so much that your headaches clear up.

we are such great fans of yours.

please get well soon!!

At 9:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Roger,

There's a Facebook Group in yor honor


At 10:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Roger, check your blood pressure at the doctors - it sound familar to me - take half an asprin every day!

Jason your northern buddy

At 10:40 pm, Anonymous Alex - Podcast Junky UK said...

Hey Roger.

Loved your absoflippinlutely brilliant soundbite on the DSC today! I laughed out loud while on the train back from work. Excellent!


Alex - Podcast Junky UK

At 10:59 pm, Blogger Roberto Iza said...

I feel your pain. Get well


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