Saturday, March 05, 2016

Minecraft is why the internet is slow

i have not been online for a very long time and have just managed to get the pc in the loft working again. it has taken me three weeks of arguing with virgin media just to get back into hotmail and blogger.

if technology and the internet wants to take off in this country they need to make things faster.i read once that computers double in speed every two years, i was looking forward to the utopia everything being available before i even thought i needed to download it, but surfing the web now is slower than when i left it years ago. all my bookmarks dont work, half the pictures on my blog are gone and the internet is worse.

everything now has videos on it. news websites have videos that stop me reading the news. poetry websites have videos that stop me reading poems. even youtube now has videos that stop me watching videos i wanted to watch . when i do see youtube videos they are too slow or are about something called minecraft. i remember the good old days of the internet when peoples modems would spend their time productivly downloading pornography but nowerdays they are too busy loading minecraft videos that they probably didnt ask for while they try to read poems.


i will spend the remainder of my day endevouring to remove the layers of dust, shattered ambitions, semen and pringles from my computer keyboard in order to update this blog to transcribe and document my thoughts, dreams and observations on the world as i see it in 2016 and find chinks.

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