Thursday, January 27, 2011

spraying men

i am just watching the news on the riots in eygpt and noticed they are using water cannons. i always wondered about why riot police use water canons, espiecially in a hot country where i thought it would be quite nice to be cooled down. if you watch Ibiza Uncovered which is also based in a hot country even the girls seem to be up for being hosed down in white tshirts. water is a nice fluid, but it is also very expensive and rare in the desert.

you can buy bottled water for 3 pounds in some shops whereas wetherspoons sell cheap beer for around 1.20 a pint. beer smells aweful and if you get a pint spilled over you it's time to go home before the stain settles in. water drys out in 10 minutes and you can always put a wet patch down to excitement which is hardly a deterrant during a riot. maybe it would be cheaper and more effective to use beer in riot controls, especially in eygpt where it's illegal to drink. everyone would have to go home quickly before they got arrested for smelling of booze. i dont know, i am confused. maybe just use piss which is free.

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