Monday, January 10, 2011

tea party FAIL

i am very shocked by the news of the shootings in america of a crazy man who saw sarah palins hit-list of politicians and took the tea party motto of 'taking back america' a bit too seriously resulting in a horrifec shooting.

my prediction about the tea party fading out over 2011 is coming true but i did not expect it to be over within the second week in january. there is no way that the tea party will be able to hold its head up high after causing this. shooting an astronaughts wife in the head is as unamerican as burning the flag, crapping on the whitehouse lawn or eating healthy food.

i am very worryed that this is going to get worse before it gets better. there is no worry of liberal revenge as the chances of finding a tea party candidate with a brain to put a bullet through are non-existant. to watch a nice country with so much potential tear itself apart makes me sad and i am concerned that thinggs are heading that way over here in england.

my genuine condolances go out to all those affected by this irrosposible hate crime, sarah palin and fox news have blood on their hands.

taking back america

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