Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Milibands Fury

The matt and luke of politics have been hard at it in the news today giving their angery opinion about the VAT increase and complaining that it will hit the poor hardest. on behalf of the poor i have to disagree, it only takes a quick look at the adverage shopping list to disagree with this blatent tory snobbery.

how my average shop is affected

  • 1 pint of blue milk - 43p (last week), 45p (today)
  • beef hula hoops - 45p (the other day), 46p (today)

  • pack of scotch eggs - 99p (last week), £1.00 (today)

  • Total increase = 4p

how elton johns average shop will be affected

  • flowers - £293,000 (a few years ago), £299,234 (today)
  • contemporary photograph by Hungarian modernist Andre Kertesz - £233,851 (April 1997), £238,826 (after)

  • Rolls-Royce Corniche - £230,943 (Jan 2000) , £235,856 (today)

  • Total increase = £16,122

as you can see i am only 4 pence worse off, whereas poor elton john has just taken a massive hit to his pocket. 4 pence isnt that bad . i can recoup that by fishing around in a urinal but sir elton would have to do far worse in a public toilet to cover a 16 thousand pound shopping trip and david funish wouldnt be best pleased either .

although i like dweeb miliband he needs to think twice before opening his bizarrely shaped mouth claiming that the rich aren't affected, he is just trying to get votes by fearmongering the poor. he should save his complaints for the next time he's on ticketmaster and finds the elton john gig is up by 500 quid to cover the price hike.

i used some old receipts and the 20% VAT difference calculator to work out these sums - http://www.thevatcalculator.co.uk/compare.php . things arent all that bad.

Barry and Paul Miliband

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