Saturday, January 01, 2011

Five fading fads in 2011

with all journalists compiling 'best-of' lists over the new year and not covering any actual news i have decided to make my own.I thought of loads more than five but it started looking like a serial killers hate list so i stopped, if anything happened to any of these on the list i would be prime suspect.

I cant see twitter taking off on mobile telephones as the last time i tried it i was landed with a massive phone bill,people will just stick to text messages. From what i understand facebook is worse as it not only has people posting benale trivia but games posting benale trivia too.
when twitter goes bankrumpt in 2011 for not getting round to doing a business plan it will be forced to switch off perminanlty and this will cause headline news for weeks on end. Currently when twitter goes down for 5 minutes it triggers headline news causing TV networks to rush out and interview official spokesperson stephen fry to help him express himself. but if twitter survives for another year then the 140 charectors will be shortened to 70 when its users attention spans and IQs drop even further.

even gay men have annoying birds

The tea party
although i know very little about running a country i do know that a political party run by a TV news network that claims it can solve americas problems by complaining about the opposition is bad. The phrase 'Teabagging' also conjures up rude images in my mind involving rush limbarhg, sarah palin and crouching.

the tea party

I once thought i had been invited to a flashmob but it turned out it was a wrong number, i just went to the bus station and met a confused old lady. if you dont know what a flashmob is, it is where lots of random peeople suddenly turn up in a public place, do something annoying and loud and generally get in the way. the equivelant in the olden days would be a group of french exchange students suddenly blocking the esculators at the shopping center, except T-mobile wouldnt be there to film it for a commercial.

when flashmobs go bad

With rupert murdoch spending all his money on the teabaggers he;ll have to close myspace down and emos will not have anywhere else to go. As they cannot go out in direct sunlight and are always committing suicide their numbers will be extinct this time next year.

some emos

Davina maccall
The most humane thing any of us can wish for is that she;ll die quickly and peacefully.


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good list! hadn't seen anything from you in some time. always a treat.


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