Wednesday, December 29, 2010

chillout mp3s

i keep seeing adverts on TV and itunes for chillout mp3s and CDs but i do not understand the modern obsession with being chilled out. this music did not exist 10 years ago, why has 20th century man suddenly got so stressed and angery that he needs to listen to overpriced albums of whales farting to Dido? i recently heard the term 'Chillax' from a wanker in a wine bar which i belive to be a combination of the words chill and relax. i am sure it was his intent to increase the meaning of the word chill and to look cool but instead it made me a lot angrier and made him look like a tosser. there are enough words in the dictionary already without having to make up new ones.

click to chill

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At 9:19 pm, Blogger anjibee said...

wow chillout cd commercials on tv? i had no idea it had gotten this out of hand. lol.

thanks for the plug. i'll have to dig up one of your old chillcast show drops for the first show of the year.



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