Friday, December 31, 2010

crappy new year

bum stains. i have just left the new years eve party early as it was not very nice. Nobody understood what my costume was meant to be - a couple of people thought i was either midge ure or highlander but noone has ever heard of the steampunk.

I guess i am ahead of the times. a nasty man pulled off the 'TEAM' out of the word 'STEAMPUNK' from my costume leaving me in a flasher jacket with S'PUNK running down the front of my trousers holding a broken food processor. It took me around 10 ackward minutes to realise that this is not good look for approaching girls at partys so i decided to walk home. they were all too nice anyway and well out of my leauge.

i am upset that i missing the kissing at midnight but in a way i am happy to be here kissing mum and morris instead whilst watching jools holland play with his hootnanny.

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