Monday, January 03, 2011

Next year your computer may stop working

iphone alarm clocks arent the only expensive peice of technologyy to fail in 2011. I have owned a brand new netbook for little over a week and it is already running really slow and low on storage space.

there is a rule called 'moores law' which states computers have to be faster and tinyer every year, however with the sheer volume of pornography availble to download even the fastest computers cannot cope. I guess when moore wrote his rule he forgot to include prettygirls with low self esteem and a webcam into the equasion. I have therefore created a new law to append the existing one which i hope the people who make dells, windows and apples will take heed.

Moores law

Every year computers get twice as fast, twice as small and twice as cheap. usually just after youve just brought a new one.

Smalls law

Every year the amount of grot and spam increases and slows down your computer by about three times as much.


as the huge amount of internet scud videos triples it will overtake the capability of even the fastest of microchips. i predict in the year 2020 computers will be so slow they will only be able to perform rudementary calculations taking several hours to add up, multiply and divide. but at least you;ll be able to rub one off while you wait. the helpline suggested reinstalling windows but for now i am going to have to delete a lot of old music i think , hope i will still be able to blog.

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At 12:16 am, Blogger Simon said...

I love all the icons on your desktop!


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