Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tears for Peirs

In the same way that we gave miximatosis to australia and smallpox to africa we’ve now helped the spread of Peirs Morgan to american tv. Why they’d want a person who only talks about himself as a chat show host is beyond all comprehension. i guess when they saw an untalented ponce judging a talent show they thought he must be a mirical worker. I feel sad that decrepid tortoise Larry King has been fired, but looking on the bright side Peirs Morgan is now several thousand miles further away from a british TV camaera.

ricky gervais was at the oscors this week for saying some funny things to room full of collegues with no sense of humour. apparently they dont like him very much in america any more so if we could have him back that would be nice. i suggest a kind of celebraty exchange between the US and Britian (simaler to ones involving spies) in which give them katie price in return for getting ricky gervais back. they can keep posh spice as we dont want her.

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