Sunday, June 26, 2016

brexit has made no difference

i have been to the supermarket this weekend and brought exactly the same food shopping as last weekend before brexit. i have compared the two receipts and the costs of the food are exactly the same - in fact i have saved 40 pence with a 2 for £2 deal on some nice packs of bbq walkers bugles. i dont see what all the fuss and scaremongering was about with the prices of everything going up if we left europe and have seen little evidence of this in the high street. it seems the fat cat supermakrets have been able to absorb the growing multinational fiscal debt and weak value of the pound in order to offer some great deals on bugles and other confectionary. so its not all doom and gloom after all.


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At 7:59 pm, Anonymous CB at MK said...

I think you'll find its way too early to see any effect on food prices, plus Walkers are made in Leicester so not an EU import. Whatever happened to Walkers Potato Heads?


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