Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More keyrings


At 12:22 am, Blogger Trina Dingle said...

hi roger,

i havent heard from you yet. I thought i would say hello again. i love david hasslehoff by the way. do you have that keyring? I have a picture of david hasselhoff in one of my magazines. i think i might put it up on my wall tonight.

i am watching chicago on home video in a minute. do you like chicago? the musical film, not the city in the united states of america.

what is your favourite film roger? is it superman then? i prefer wonderwomen myself. my mum said it was really good when it first came out, but i still think its pretty good. a bit unfashionable, but good.

anyway how come you had snow today? it wasn't snowing in woking. you lucky thing. i love snow. did you have a snowball fight at work on your lunch break? if you did who won?

i like all the pictures in your blog. it made me put a picture of my budgie trevor on my blog. it took me a couple of goes as i am not very technical. I forgot to put the bigger/smaller arroes in the text... <> are what i mean, i did it in the end though so i am quite pleased with myself.

anyway. off to watch chicago. have a good day at work tomorrow roger.

At 10:29 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

hello trina. i like david in knight rider but not baywatch as i get very distracted when watching it with all the nice ladys. i like it when he sings too. what picture do you have of him? its a shame there is not more about him on the tv.

i like some musicals like the molon rooge. i have not seen chicago on tv or at the arts theatre. i like the city chicago though and would like to visit one day (and visit madge weinstein and falco!). it is very a lot of money to go to america though and there are a lot of people with guns. do you like bonanza? i also like chicago the band - "if you leave me now". i also like a lot of rock ballards. i have a great deal of films, watched the karate kid part 3 the other day with that funny little man and the evil mr silverman and his ponytail. they make me smile a lot. the film i watch the most though is german and has a lot of ladies on it, i watch that most evenings and its my favourite, i dont think you would like it though.

it is snowing lightly where i live. i didnt have a snowball fight yesterday, but did have a real fight with a man in the toilets. he won and kept the money.

i will look at your pets pictures, i know how to put on images on the web - type in img src= , press help on the blogger for help, but its easy.

i will try posting a picture of my pets on the web. my pet tortoise 'Techno Turtle' is in hibernation at the moment so wont be able to photo him but i will take a photo of my pet pig who we keep inside at the moment because it is cold.

At 1:53 pm, Blogger Trina Dingle said...

Hi Roger.
I have the picture where he is standing next to kitt and that man with the grey hair - I cant remember hi s name it think it is charles or something posh. He is wearing his black leather jacket and jeans with a nice white tshirt under neath. it was in an old tv times. do you have that one?

I think you spelt moulin Rouge wrong, but i don't mind. I like that one too. its got the man from star wars in it - what his name? Ewan Magreggor isnt it.

I havent been to chicargo either, but i would love to go to chicargo to see ER and chicargo hope. do you think they are real hospitals? i know its acting, but do you think some of it is filmed on location there?

Last time i looked at ticket prices return to chicargo from Gatwick it was about £400 but it was a long time ago i looked and it may be cheaper with easyjet.

bonanza was that cowboys series wasnt it? not keen, but i did fancy the young bloke who dressed on black with a black JR hat.

i havent heard the chicargo song you mentioned, but i do like rock ballads too. My favourite band used to be Europe. And my favourite song was the final countdown. I love the organ in it.

Why was the man fighting you? And he stole your money as well. talk about rubbing salt in the wounds. first he fights you, probably for looking at him whilst he was having a wee, and then he nicks your money. charming. did you look at him while he was weeing? I did a wee at work yesterday and the girl in the next cubicle did a well loud fart. i had to hold my mouth to stop myself from laughing. It stank as well - i think she was waffting it under her cubicle into mine to make other girls think i had done the guff.

I cant wait to see your tortoise. what is your pig called? if your tortoiose is called techno turtle then maybe your pig is called polish skit pig. I like polish music you see. just a joke. i am sure your pig has a normal name like wendy or graham. I would call it porky or scratching. i love pork scratchings, do you?

it snowed a bit here last night and after work ian from the production line - he puts the boxes of candles on to the pallets and then jamie picks them up with a fork lift truck - so yeah, ian threw a snowball at kelly who does wick straightening with me and sonia. kelly got well upset so we all pinned him down and put snow in his pants!

At 1:57 pm, Blogger Trina Dingle said...

sorry by the way do you speak german? why do you like german films? my dad likes french films - i think its becuause they show a lot of bums and tits in them. I have seen some fannies in the french films that dad watches too. its not porno. its art is what my dad says. he has a secret porn book under his bed. mum knows and doesnt like it very much, but i think its ok as if mum is tired and doesnt fell like having a bonk then he can go to the toilet and have one on his own with his book. i always know when he is because he loks the door. mum caught me having a fiddle once, but thats another story for when i know you better.,

At 12:56 pm, Blogger Colin Newbury said...

My best friend is an owl called Darren. Darren speaks to me in my dreams and tells me to fondle myself in shopping centres. Darren is not alive.

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