Thursday, November 17, 2005

Adam Curry Interview

hi everyone.

i'm was vvery excited becuase Madge Weinstein recently recorded an interview with Adam Curry. i heard that madge was going to the exhibition in america and so was adam so i emailed madge with some questions which she asked him during their stay together. i didnt think madge would ask them becuase i ask some very personal questions, but i feel very important to ask him.


i will not include the mp3 link in my feed, but a link to madges web site so you can choose to listen or not becuase madge might not be everyones taste. its at .

my questions are addressed at the beginning and i belive adam answered these honestly and truthfully. after that they do some dave winer questions and thiings get veery strange after that. i feel that one my dreams in life has come true. i really do.

Adam Curry with telescope


At 9:22 pm, Anonymous Conrad Slater said...

If the meak shall inherit the earth then I'd say you're well on your way to becoming as famous (if not as popular) as Mr. Curry himself.

I look forward to that day.
Well done Roger.


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