Tuesday, November 29, 2005

digital divide

i wanted to sign up for ebay at lunch but cannot because i do not have a credit card any more. i ran into some problems with the bank a while ago and it means that i cannot have a visa card. its a real pain becuase i still have to go to the post office to collect my benefits in cash then go to the bank to take cash out. i get so worryed that i have all this money in the house, banks should be more responsible and let me have a card. i cant buy anything online easily, couldnt even register my podcast on iTunes without a credit card.

they call hthis the digital devide, i think its where the internet is for for wealthy people and the rest of us suffer. for people with a modem its only really good for email and not suitable if you dont have a bank account to transfer money.

no wonder all those people from nigeria have to email me asking about transfering cash, all they are doing is trying to sell some of their crud on ebay. anyone know of a way of selling on the internet without a visa card? i will let them know also when i find out.

Forget it where you see this sign


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