Monday, December 12, 2005

[#41014559] Your Google Base 'Tub of Wax' Posting

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Subject: [#41014559] Your Google Base 'Tub of Wax' Posting

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Thank you for submitting an item to Google Base. We would like to inform you that we have disabled your item entitled "Rare Hair Wax," because itis not permitted by our Program Policies(

Sales of human body parts are not allowed on Google Base. This includes hair follicles. This product has also not been approved by Adam Curry and therefore cannot be listed.

If you feel that we've evaluated your item incorrectly, do not hesitate to email us back. Otherwise, please know that we're working hard to make Google Base available to a wider variety of Web content.


The Google Team


At 11:20 pm, Blogger bryan-in-greece said...

so that's where Chuck's working now...!!!

At 5:35 am, Anonymous Robert P. said...

Roger... Are you kidding me!? Digging through garbage? Seriously, man. You've gotta have more self respect than that. Adam's just a human like everyone else!


At 3:39 pm, Anonymous t94xr said...

whoa dude, He's somewhat cool with you being apparently a mega fan of his, but dude, he does have a cock and balls like every other man and if you stop his heart, he will die, he isn't a god man! Stay as you are, don't push the limits...

At 4:45 am, Anonymous Google Applications of Sitebases Protocol said...

Can use fake hair to pass.


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