Friday, December 23, 2005


hello, sorry the hosipital is very busy this week and full of people having accidents (binge drinkers manly) - have been doing many stand in shifts for the people. think i might be working on christmas day now becuase of a mistake i made with a girl. she emailed me to say this...................

Hi Roger,

I have been hearing about you on the DSC and I think that you are a very interesting man. The people leaving feedback and posting on the wiki (and even Adam sometimes) are really harsh on you. But on your weblog i saw your email and you said that you were single so I would really like to meet up somewhere in Guildford (Thursday 22nd would be convenient for me)f you do want to i would appreciate a reply to organise places, times, dates etc. And maybe i can get to know you better

Talk To You Soon


A/S/L = 23/F/Guildford, UK

I emailed her back to let her know that I might not be around tonight as i was working a late shift, but i offerered someone else to swap their christmas day shift if they did my shift tonight so i could go for a date with amanda. she never got back to me, and now i have wasted an evening and will have to work christmas day meaning mum will be on her own.

this amanda isnt replying to my emails any more, even after i did all this - ever sinse my blog address went on adams site people have started emailing me with so many nasty things, this just seemed like a trick.

if i get time i will record a podcast but there is nothing to talk about apart from walking to work and back every day, i have been trying to record audio comments for shows i like as i can use their server space because mine is running out. sending things to adam results in trouble, yeast radio has lots of proper comments these daysso i will wait until things die down- i recordered some questions for Regan Fox and he played one then called me a retard so i wont be listening to Fox and the City or eat this hot show any more. they say that fame changes people and they were right, he is very talented but there is no need to be rude as i get enoguh people doing that during the day to me. i always like to send in comments when podcasters ask, so i will spend the new year with a fresh set of podcasts that are after comments as its fun sending things in.


At 2:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chin up Roger, you're doing a very worthwhile job. One day you'll be appreciated for being you. Have a great day whatever you're doing on the 25th.

At 3:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

Please post the full headers from this 'Amanda's' email, so we can see if we can find out who played this awful 'joke' on you.

At 12:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Roger. Don't stop listening. It was a joke. I never open a show with a listener comment--well, until I received your comment. In other words, don't pick and chose what's a joke on FatC and ETHS and what's an attack. For clarification, the joke was that people from the UK sound retarded, which I only used as a transition to talk about retarded people. Everyone is picked on, on FatC, including my dead father. Lighten up.



At 3:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger, i explained myself repetedly and you haven't replyed. This is not fair, the way that you you are treating me is very spiteful and i want to go on record to say that i attempted to sort this out but you destroyed this. BTW: all of you pricks convincing roger that this was a cruel trick, grow up.



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