Tuesday, February 28, 2006

rushing around like a blue arsed fly

i have had such a busy day, i worked a very long shift and had to do someone elses dutys who was skiving off with bird flu. i got to put my walkman on at work and listen to the daily source code - it sounds like adam is getting visited by a weirdo in a mini. he thinks it might be me but i dont own a mini. he must be careful as a famous person like him can attract strangers like flys round shit. no sooner had i got home tonight but i had to rush back out for an appointment. on the way home tonight i recorded adam an audio comment setting him straight about the driving ban. i have also emailed madge with an audio comment about developing a script idea for a movie as she has a production company and makes films. i am trying to put my writing ideas to good use and tommorow i beleive my article for podcasting magazine comes out. i am very excited and will post a link to it when it becomes avialable.


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