Thursday, February 02, 2006

american toilet seats

i have inspected this story on the bbc website about the latest trend in heated toilet seats and ones that fire water back at you. i personally disagree with such technical devices, i hate going into a toilet and the seat is still warm from the last person sitting on there. unless it is a woman which is usually quite nice and has a curious aroma which i have yet to identify. i too have a toilet at home that sprays water back at me whenever i use it when i'm standing up. i cannot see how americans would want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that covers their tousers in spray.

once again these 'so called' technology experts have are too busy with their plasma tvs, satelitte navigation systems and dave winer to invent things that people actually need - a robotic prostitute that can iron.


At 1:14 am, Anonymous Maureen Shotton said...

I totally agree Roger, I hate a warm toilet seat too, although my phobia against them diminished when I heard that a wooden bread board has more germs than a plastic seat.

My real beef though are toilets without flush handles. They use some weird technology that only flushes when you walk away.

Now I am a home born girl born and bred and I ain't taught to walk away from a log.

How do respond to warm toilet seats in cubicles with proximity flushes, is this tech gone too far?


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