Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The US goverment are sniffing up the wrong tree

I understand that there are a lot of troubles with the CIA and FBI going after google, microsoft and yahoo for what people type into their search engines. anyone who has used the internet for more than five minutes knows full well that you wont get any decent smut from MSN or Yahoos homepages.

they should be sending Ironside and Miss Marple down to the offices of booble and for printouts of their search terms instead- some of the sites they link to will make your eyes water.

they wont get very far this time by looking at my google history. And unless someone has made it a criminal offence to search for richard marx lyrics, magnum PI photos, dry skin and cheap broadband in guildford I think I'm perfectly safe.


At 8:00 pm, Blogger Kassandra said...

My google search terms are filled with explicit stuff lol, nothing illegal I don't think, but if some god-happy religeous freak CIA person went through my search terms they'd probably be appalled.


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