Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i have a theme tune

i was really suprised today when i was listening to Adam (DAily source code number 317) and a listener called jeff smith wrote me a theme tune!!! it is very dreamy like the beatles when they were into drugs and submarines and very nice. afterwards adam said that he needed to play an audio comment from me but didnt have one so i have just got dressed, rushed downstairs and recorded my thoughts to email him.

i dont know how to repay Jeff Smith as i dont know much about him, not even what he looks like. i would love to paint a picture of him. i have looked through the internet for Jeff Smiths and so far there are 5 people i would like to be him. the one at the bottom looks very kind and gentle, i hope its not the one who kills pigs though. i hope adam will forward his email and house address to me so i can thank him.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith


At 3:56 am, Blogger Mike said...

Hi, Roger,
I suppose it means that you've *arrived* on the scene when you have your own jingle on someone else's show. Kudos! I've heard that you don't have much to do while A.C. is here in The States, so I thought I'd invite you to look over my blog http://MDProduction.blogspot.com/ . I chronicle my adventures in being part of the Children of the Gods Podcast. I hope that you'll try the links to the show site. I'm not sure, but I think Adam may listen as he has admitted an affinity to Sci-Fi. Tah for now.

At 8:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure of this but I think they are making fun of you on the DSC. Are you aware of this Roger?

It sounds like you are in Health Care. In your next podcast can you tell us what you actually do?

Do you actually go to Adams house? Was that them joking about you? Can you take pictures of Adams house and post them on your site?


At 3:32 pm, Blogger yourownpersonalgeek@gmail.com said...


His name is Geoff Smith and you can read about him here:


At 8:43 am, Blogger Phil Crawley said...

I think both Roger and Adam are a lot more subtle than 'anonymous' gives them credit for!
I think Roger's jingle is the business!


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