Thursday, January 05, 2006

Music industry hypocrisy

Record company lawyers are suing everyone for 'intellectual property theft' but I would hardly describe Busta Rhymes, The Sugababes, Mariah Carey and Girls Aloud as intellectual.

Stupid property theft might be a better criminal prosecution to file for and if they were my property I would be embarressed about even knowing them, let alone taking innocent civilians to court on their behalf for copying the odd mp3.

a lot of people and collegues call me stupid, but racist pop stars like Girls Aloud should be ashamed of themselves. when Cheryl Tweedy attacked that black woman calling her a fucking black bitch she was still allowed to work in the band - if that had been in any other profession she would have been out the door. what i don;t understand is the she called that woman a fucking black bitch and attacked her, and brian harvey from East 17 was kicked out of the band for talking about taking drugs - what sort of message does this send out? children must think that being racist is ok, but talking about taking drugs is bad (is the govement a waste of money then?). i think it must because they had a lot of money invested in the group.

which is what music boils down to. money. Mariah Carey does have a corking rack though and i will not sleep tonight with this confusion. what do people think about this?


At 12:47 pm, Blogger Fatma and Kevin said...

Dear Roger, I think that your views on the music industry as well as many other aspects of life are astute and indicitive of a level of lucidity that I could only ever dream of attaining, I especially share your views on the jacuzzi and Micheal Barrymore. I hope that you can find time in your busy schedule to visit my blog and maybe even listen to a podcast of mine although I readily admit that your skills at blogs are better than mine , I wish you well in the new year (even though it is January and you've got to wait ages till your birthday) kevin


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