Friday, January 20, 2006

Podcast - tips for Adam Curry fans

i am so very tired but i had a great idea to solve all the problems that Daily Source Code listeners are getting with itunes....

Podcast - Tips for fans of adam curry

just a useful guidelines about more effective ways to download podcasts that should help you all out. i have a very bad headache and must sleep.

getting jiggy with it

i am just downloading a real treat for fans of adam curry, i will publish my findings tommorow when i have had a chance to decypher and interpret them.


At 6:12 pm, Anonymous The Park Barn Massif said...

It shows dedication to the Podfather that you post advice so late on a Friday night when you could have been enjoying a night out with us in Park Barn, Bellfields or Stoughton.

I hope you ain't letting podcasting take over from your manly needs to get pissed and vomit over Woking girls out on the razz in Park Barn.

Hold it down.


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