Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the internet frustraights me sometimes

i am trying to get onto to check for updates but the site keeps going down or says "Server Maintenance In Progress". i worry about him and hope nothing bad has happened. i have had problems with too, it was down for around 3 days this week and i was unable to read any emails. fortunatly nobody emailed me. if anyone has a problem with hotmail i suggest going to and it will show you the subjects at least. the internet goes so slowly it makes me rock on my seat in anger, i need broadband at home like work.

today i thought about recording a video blog but am not sure how to do this. i have a video clip facility on my phone but know nothing of the editing and special effects that i see on music television. tv has given audiences its strange flashing images that are impossible to recreate on my phone and audiences will expect these on any video blog i am sure. everyone has been so forgiving with what audio i have recorded on my mobile phone so far which is nice, but may not tolerate the jerky candid videos that i have so far produced.

young people in love enjoying cameraphones


At 8:32 pm, Blogger Daz said...

The problem with mobile phone videos is they tend to be in a format specific to the phone. Try posting one and I'm sure there will be people out here that could convert it.


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