Sunday, January 29, 2006

Podcast - watercooler

i have recored my thoughts about some things which i deem are lacking in podcasting. i have had a busy weekend at work with not many people to talk to. i feel very alianated right now with no friends and noone to talk to when i am such a blue funk. i wish i could force people to be plesant and nice without being rude, i sometimes wish i was a leader to enforse such rules. i would also cull burlgers. this cold weather is unbearable, and the buses aresso late right now. i am dreading going outside tommrow morning for work.

here is the link to the podcast


At 7:42 pm, Anonymous Budi said...

thats a fare point, but as podcsts seam to be maid and listend to buy intravurted geeks, they are the last peeple to be founed at the water cooler.

talking about appel audeo bugs and carstblarster is not gonna keep your offise buds at the warter masheene.

My lot want to talk abowt sport, droppin e, or pukin up after a gud beer.

didna get bit bout russea, do they understandd podcasts?


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