Thursday, March 02, 2006

spin, magazine and khangrot

got back from spin class. boy i am unhealthy! there are many many prettygirls there and i managed to get a seat at the back to see all of their lovely bottoms wobble in time with some technobeat music. its upsetting though as cant make out in the mirror their face. this one lady i had developed feelings for through the duration of the 45 minute class turned out to be a right old trout close up. either that mirror was getting steamed up with all their ladysweat or my eyesight is going bad. not good when my hearing is already the wya it is. stupid body, i want a new one. its a shame you cant transplant body parts from dead people and sew them on. that would be nice.

oh, the important thing i forgot to mention was that the new magazine is out...

I wrote a small article in it. i have not had much of a chance to read any of it to recommend it but i am sure it is good. i will print it out using works paper in the morning (little tip for saving money there - also i suggest taking A4 paper and pens hidden in newspaper). i am happy becuase adam played my audio comment in delta siera charlie three hundred and 44, i offered him support for troubles and set him straight about my car. i also sent a message to madge weinstein who read out my script for a movie with rachal khan. although rachel was not availble at the time for anything madge read it out.

rachal khan


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