Friday, February 09, 2007

desciton time

it has been a tough choise - the potental for free rent +food for 2 weeks or 5 pairs of boobs and a pig.i have made the bold step to go to london tomororw to attend the big brother auditions and declined the offer to go with the girls to the cinima. a group o us will be driving up on saturday. i do not know what to wear or what to say.the hole thing confuses me.


At 10:56 pm, Anonymous Comic Strip Blogger said...

Roger, tell them (the judges) that you are cult character for many British podcasters, podcasting being the new hot media and that inventor of podcasting - Adam Curry - publicly calls you "my friend". Also that you create podcasts and that podcasting inventor plays you on his podcast etc etc etc That could help - you would be like kind of celebrity. This could fast-track you!

Remeber: Adam Curry never said that he likes or befriends me but he many times told YOU that he loves you and you are his friend etc.


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