Tuesday, March 15, 2016

advice for syrian refugees

i have been reading the daily mail with interest on the current problems in europe. i am very confused by migrants because when it all kicked off syria they all headed north in winter and are now are suffering because of the bad weather and cold conditions. if anyone in syria is reading this and concidering moving out for a better life i would recomemmend heading south instead of north, especially in winter.

bad idea

in england when people finally realise just how crap it is we will usually migrate south to spain because it is warmer and drink is cheaper, very few english people would concider migrating to the north pole in winter because it is freezing - especially if they wanted to live in a tent. if you want to avoid war torn areas then i suggest driving south to somewhere nice and warm like israel, koala lumpa or iraq and then in summer you can just hop on a lorry to england and live here in a tent. in our culture a number of english people live in tents in the summer time, do it for recriaction and holiday purposes and deficate in buckets.

good idea

its like when you pick a holiday, some of us choose skiing and some of us choose a beech holiday. however if you haven't got a hotel booked then steer away from the alps.


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