Sunday, April 17, 2016

Armpit sniffing dating

i have had mixed results with speed dating nights but i read with enthusaism that there is a speed dating night in 2 weeks time where i get to smell womens armpits.

unfortunatly it is in london and costs too much, i would have to pay for the train ticket then pay for the entrance fee along with buying nice girls drinks. it makes me sad to know that otters are having fun while i am stuck at home. but it does make me want tofind a job more so i can enjoy nights like this.

The website has some details of the order of events in 'the cloud'....................................

  1. Arrival + cocktail of perspiration
  1. Lecture on power of the pheromone
  1. The sniffing ritual
  1. Post-ritual compliments and conversation
  1. Explore the Queen of Hungary Water cloud
We can’t promise anything, but hope that where dubious scents, biological instincts and romance collide, you might just find your match.
All sexes and sexual preferences are welcome, tickets are split 50/50. Tickets are £10 and include welcome cocktail and session in the cloud. 

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