Wednesday, April 06, 2016

junior doctors are just greedy

i became enraged today when i saw the news that junior doctors want more money and want to work less. right now i do not have a job and would be greatful for any work that is available. i read that junior doctors make can make over £23000 a year and good ones make £700000 per year.

and they are compalining £70000 is not enough!

i have never heard of a poor doctor before, if 700000 isn't enough as a starting salary before hitting the real dough then as a normal doctor with a mercedes and a 12 bedroom house this it is pure greed. i know starting salarys for most jobs are not huge by their privileged expectations, but you have to expect very little cash when you start any job.

plus they moan about long hours. if you don't have enough money then it wont matter because you dont have any spare time to blow you wad on anything. they should just be happy, when i worked for the NHS logging stool samples i felt a sense of pride even though i was on £16,000 and suffered leaks because i felt in some small way that i was helping sick people who deficated in plastic jars.

these people digust me. be happy that you are clever and privalaged enough to be doctors and that people trust you that one day you may become a ginocologist.

model junior doctor from the good old days

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