Monday, March 21, 2016

Bono should help the Syrian refugees crisis by doing this

observe the following pictures:

i find it hard to tell the difference between this mix of images of syrian refugee camps and glastunbury. people living in tents, wallowing in their own feceas and starving in a field. however refugees dont want to be there but the audience at glastunbury have paid hundreds of pounds for the experience. i dont know why they would.

i think a better idea would be to transport the syrian refugees into the glastubry field and give them a concert for free, then let everyone from london who works in marketing still pay 500 pounds and let them stay in that swamp in calais and play some U2 albums over a tannoy. Bono himself always boasts of his charitable giving so could put on a load of gigs at glastubury for free for the refugges. even though they probably dont undersntad irish they would appreciate the bland music.

greedy little turd

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