Thursday, April 14, 2016

i revieced a goverment eu leaflet today

I RECEIVED THIS pamphlet today from the government asking usnot to leave Europe. I have discussed matters with mother in depth tonight and I think we should leave euriope..
everyone says that things from Europe will cost more if England leaves however I have researched things and found this is not the case:

current cost to buy pair of GERMAN lederhosen

from Germany (IN THE EU) on ebay: £59.99 + £7 SHIPPING to England across europe
from england (IN THE EU) on argos: £29.99 + £4.99 SHIPPING to 2.8 miles down the road.
from China (NOT IN THE EU) on ebay: £11.99 + FREE SHIPPING to England across the world

current cost to buy a nice FRENCH croissant

from England (IN THE EU) in starbucks: £1.19 FOR 1
IN America (NOT IN THE EU) in WALMART: $1.99 FOR 10!!!

as you can clearly see countrys outside of Europe like china and america are paying significantly LESS for europeon products compared to us suckers who pay MORE. we can be only better off. I think this is government scaremongering and I wish to leave Europe now so I can enjoy the freedom and prosperity of places like Bejing and Detroit.

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