Tuesday, August 23, 2016

jeremy corbyn train footage

i am so confused by jeremy corbyn and the recent train footage where he sits down. i want to support him as he promises free money for people like me so i dont have to find work. i also like his communist views and songs but when i see him only pretending to be a communist by sitting down when there are seats available on a train i think he is pretending to be a marter.

maybe the clothes he wears are also an act and he is being Faux Povvo instead of genuinly dressing badly. the whole reason that everyone likes him is becuase he comes accross as an underdog and every time he turns up to parliment dressed like a tramp upsets the establishment.

 i will still vote for jeremy corbyn but would like to see him be more impoverish in the future and actually mean it so he can teach the conservatives a lesson. being in a position of power means he now gets things free and is expected to dress up for a queen who he hates, but his roots are about being poor and musky. he is in the same predictment as when rappers from crompton get wealthy then noone takes them seriously when they sing about being in da hood when they now live in gated communitys. we jeremy corbyn supporters must close ranks and ignore this train footage evidence  planted by corporate fat cats and perpetuted by all the media.

jeremy corbyn

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