Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Misquoted in a magazine

It has come to my attention that I may have given the wrong impression to readers of podcast user magazine issue 8 pages 24-25.i have been contacted 3 times about this statement asking what i meant.


The answer I gave about relaxing in the bath with the snake wasn't anything to do with sharing my bath with an actual snake or any sort of boast about the length of my manhood. When I have a bath I will usually relax listening to a Whitesnake CD while lighting a few candles. I would like to clarify to the readers of this magazine for the record that I do not own any form of bendy reptile nor to I have a long penis, especially in cold water.





At 6:38 pm, Anonymous Madge Weinstein said...

You are lying, Rogers Malls and THAT is NOT NICE!

At 9:33 pm, Blogger bryan-in-greece said...

Doesn't your water heater work then, Roger?

At 10:36 pm, Blogger Parkylondon said...

Roger - I knew you meant whitesnake. We won't talk about your Iron Maiden eh?

Parky from PUM


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