Friday, August 18, 2006

giving terrorists what they want

with all these things going on in the news about increased security in airports and makingg travellers suffer , everyone keeps saying that "its giving terrorists what they want". i thought that all the terroists wanted was for america and england to stop killing people from iraq for oil and interfearing in other peples business. If anything, tightend security and increased spotchecks in airports is the last thing any terrorist would want if they were trying to smuggle a nucluar warhead disguesed as a bottle of water on board.

if terrorists want to blow up travellers they should focus on the type that go round in caravans, lower property values in the area, do dodgey block paving then crap through your letterbox afterwards. i for one would appreciate that. if any wood-be terrorist is reading this now then get your arse down to the A332 north of onslow as there is an extendid family of pikeys who have just parked 2 trailers , 3 landrovers and a horse tied to a washing line onto a patch of grass next to a burnt out stolen vaxhall cavalier. it shouldnot be too hard to blow their inbread arses up as they've left enough horse crap and calor gas bottles around to take half of guildford with them.


At 8:17 pm, Anonymous Carman said...

Please be careful Roger; you don't want the terrorists to mistake Adam for a horse with his long, flowing mane.


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